Bottle of sticky wine.



2010 Ralph Fowler Sticky

We only make these wines in the years that we can get the grapes to very high sugar levels. This is the first wine that we have made since 2004. The overripe and shrivelled grapes or noble rot which further concentrates the juice and flavours.

The syrupy juice is fermented in barrels for 6 to 10 months when the alcohol reaches 12-13% and the fermentation stops (sometimes naturally). The wine is given an extra 12 months of barrel ageing before bottling.

The golden coloured wine is sweet, luscious and intensely flavoured.

Vine showing sunlight matching the colour of the sticky.

The aromas are of citrus, honey, cloves and pineapple and exotic tropical fruit, guava or mango. The flavours are rich, intense with a lingering fruitiness and clean, soft finish.

The wine will age slowly and can be kept for many years.

$20/bt AUD

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